Jun 11, 2023

Eisenman Launches Indiegogo Campaign with Germicidal Cordless UV

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06 Jun, 2023, 10:11 ET

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Germicidal UV-C Lamp Made for Any Environment | Attach on Any Surface and Eliminate 99% of Pathogens

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Eisenman, a group that runs a pediatric/OBGYN clinic in Tainan, today announced their first Indiegogo campaign for the Eisenman Germicidal Cordless UV-C lamp. Paired with a dedicated mobile app, the UV-C lamp allows users to schedule and sanitize every corner of their home and office safely and effectively.

"With the Eisenman, we're getting the same hospital-grade sterilization with improved maneuverability,"

UV-C light can destroy the chemical bonds of genetic material (DNA/RNA). Pathogens either die immediately or lose their ability to produce proteins and reproduce—the result is instant disinfection. UV-C light has been proven to destroy common pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and mold.

"We started envisioning a more compact and mobile alternative after noticing the inconvenience of the hospital's massive stationary UV-C lights," said the Eisenman Group Medical Director Dr. Louise Chung. "With the Eisenman, we're getting the same hospital-grade sterilization with improved maneuverability, to help protect both our patients and our staff."

The Eisenman UV-C lamp is equipped with cold cathode lamps made by Stanley Electric, the world-renowned electric lights manufacturer from Japan, which offers over 50,000 hours of rated life. By using the 254-nanometre wavelength UV-C light, the lamp can instantly deactivate microorganisms.

It also features a 3000mAh built-in battery that provides up to 6 hours of independent operation. With the patented suction mount, users can attach the sanitizer to any flat surface, including a robot vacuum, to autonomously disinfect hard-to-reach surfaces.

To ensure safety and prevent direct exposure to skin and eyes, the Eisenman is equipped with a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to detect motion. When movement is detected, the unit will shut off automatically.

The Eisenman is available starting today on Indiegogo at $299. Backers can take advantage of the super early bird price of $249. After the campaign ends, the Eisenman will retail for $329. For more information, please visit

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ABOUT EISENMANThe Eisenman group is a team of engineers and obstetricians who run the Felicitas Ann Clinic in Tainan, Taiwan. With over a decade of experience combating illnesses on the front line, they have gained extensive knowledge about what works best against diseases and viruses. Their team of expert engineers and obstetricians has developed cutting-edge UVC technologies that provide unparalleled protection against pathogens. They hope their research and development can help create a safer and better place for people.

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