Aug 31, 2023

Best villager trades in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you’ll need the right collection of items to create the structures that you want, and the best way to acquire them is by trading with villagers. Here are the best villagers for trading in Minecraft.

The world of Minecraft is filled with a variety of different activities for players to engage in, from battling powerful enemies to building vast structures across biomes, alternate dimensions, shipwrecks, and fortresses. You’ll also be able to battle enemies that drop rewards for you to collect.

You’ll need items before you’re able to do anything, and the villagers in Minecraft are willing to trade with you. Some offer better items than others, so we’ll go over the best villagers in the game to trade items with.

Villagers in Minecraft work different jobs, and you’ll be able to engage in two different types of trades with them. One of which is trading items for Emeralds, and the other is using Emeralds along with other items to purchase what you need.

Visiting a Fisherman in the village is a great way to gather Emeralds as they’ll trade you some for every ten pieces of coal that you give them. You can also sell them fish such as raw cod, salmon, and clownfish in exchange for Emeralds, so get a fishing rod.

The Fisherman will also give you a biome-specific boat in exchange for an Emerald. The biome of the boat is determined by the location of the biome.

If you’re looking for resources such as coal, iron, and flint then visiting a Toolsmith is a great way to acquire them. These villagers can be found by a smithing table, so simply approach them to start trading.

You can exchange Emeralds for these items and then use them to create the structures that you desire. Toolsmiths can also provide an enchanted iron or diamond tool if you have the Emeralds for them.

Visiting a Fletcher will allow you to acquire ranged weapons like bows and arrows in Minecraft. This villager can be found next to a fletching table, and trading one Emerald with them will get you 32 sticks and 16 arrows.

You can also get your hands on a few enchanted items, including enchanted bows and crossbows for approximately 22 Emeralds. So, it’s worth trading with a Fletcher if you’re looking to gather archery gear.

For players that want to start building in Minecraft, it’s worth paying the Mason a visit, and this villager is located next to a stonecutter. When visiting them, you can get Emeralds by trading Clay, Andesite, Stone, Granite, and Diorite.

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These items can be extracted from caves and around different parts of the world while you explore. You’ll be able to get your hands on Terracotta and Quartz blocks when trading with the Expert and Master levels for the Mason.

The Cleric can be found in churches close to a brewing stand, and this villager will grant you Emeralds if you trade specific items. The novice Cleric will require rotten flesh while the apprentice and journeyman will ask for gold ingots and a rabbit’s foot respectively.

If you head to the cartography table, you’ll encounter the Cartographer, and this villager will trade paper for Emeralds. You can also sell glass panes to this villager after smelting a large amount of sand.

Once the Cartographer has been leveled up, you may be able to get an explorer map along with a large number of Emeralds in exchange for a compass. These maps are useful as they will allow you to find the location of nearby Ocean Monuments.

Getting powerful armor will greatly improve your chances of survival when exploring the world of Minecraft, and visiting the Armorer is a great way to get started. Once you have a blast furnace in place, a villager will accept this job.

Coal can be traded for Emeralds, and the novice-level Armorer will provide you an iron armor. Leveling up this villager will allow you to access chainmail armor, shields, and enchanted diamond armor.

Farmers can be found near composters in villages, and trading with them will allow you to acquire Emeralds after selling them food such as wheat, carrots, or potatoes. Expert level Farmers can also grant you Emeralds in exchange for suspicious stew.

You can acquire an enchanted book after trading Emeralds and a normal book with the Librarian. This villager will spawn in the game after you place a lectern next to an unemployed character. The enchantments offered by the librarian go up to Level Five.

The Weaponsmith is your key to dominating the foes that you encounter in Minecraft, as you can trade coal for Emeralds with them and get your hands on an enchanted iron sword. This villager is located next to a grindstone.

If you’re able to level up the Weaponsmith to expert and master levels, then your Emeralds will allow you to get an enhanced diamond sword or diamond axe. This villager is extremely useful and takes the top spot on our list.

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In Minecraft, you’ll need the right collection of items to create the structures that you want, and the best way to acquirethem is by trading with villagers. Here are the best villagers for trading in Minecraft.